About Polygon Technologies

Polygon Technologies started in 2003 as an electronic consulting firm in a single garage. It developed its first own-brand product in 2004 (a range of radio communication modules), which is still being built and sold today.

Carel Hauptfleisch, the founder of Polygon Technologies, decided on the name because he wanted to focus on more than one thing.  A "Polygon" is a geometric shape with at least three straight sides and angles.

In 2007 Polygon Technologies launched the GSM Commander (which is still sold today), which put the company on the map.  The GSM Commander is a programmable controller with cellular connectivity that is used in just about every industry in a mind-boggling array of applications.

From things like managing and monitoring a water treatment plant, to access control, security, irrigation and automated metering and many more. In 2018 Polygon Technologies acquired the intellectual property of US-based "Voicelert", an early warning security system sold worldwide.  

The system was subsequently re-developed and re-branded to "Drongo" after a famous bird found all over the world, known for its habit of warning small animals in the wilderness against approaching predators.


VoiceAlert becomes Drongo


Obtain VoiceAlert IP


Develop & launch AgriSort


Launch GSM Commander


Made first product (Radio)


Polygon Technologies Established

Our Flagship Products

Drongo VoiceAlert

Drongo VoiceALert is the best early warning system in the world. It warns you of intruders on your property, so you will never be caught off-guard.

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GSM Commander

The do-anything-from-anywhere device. The GSM Commander is a tool to help you with remote monitoring & management.

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AgriSort, our digital filter technology gives best-in-class accuracy, within 1 gram of the real weight for fruit and vegetable sorting machines.

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